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Numerous people swear by the sauna as a way to rid themselves of toxins and keep their health in check. When it comes to physical therapy, high-temperature steam is used to open and relax the pores of the body. When you've had a sauna, your entire body will feel calmer and more refreshed. It also aids in the removal of waste products from the system and increases blood flow. It's true that there are sauna "taboo" groups. Do you have to avoid the sauna while you're in your third trimester? Does a sauna pose a risk to pregnant women? Is the fetus harmed by a sauna? Find out more about it, shall we?

Do Saunas Cause Birth Defects?
When you're expecting, sauna isn't an option. You can easily induce dehydration and even collapse in pregnant women due to the sauna's high temperature and relatively confined and non-circulating air, therefore you shouldn't use it during your pregnancy. Pregnant women may faint due to hypoxia if the air is confined in particular areas. As a rule, pregnant women are advised to avoid saunas. What a hot tub costs and what its features are? The development of embryos will be harmed by a high temperature. In addition to increasing blood volume and heart rate, the use of a sauna also has the potential to expand capillary pores throughout the body. A miscarriage is possible in this condition because of the ease with which blood pressure might rise. Increased placental abruption is also possible if the number of pregnancies is significant. Pregnant mothers and their unborn children benefit from a more circulated air supply and a more comfortable temperature in their surroundings. Water must be supplemented in the early stages of dehydration if the ambient temperature is high.

For pregnant women, what are the risks of using a sauna?
Fetal hearing is affected.
The risk of improper hearing of the fetus in the belly is 55 to 85 times higher if you frequently use sauna in the third month of pregnancy, according to relevant survey data. ' During these first three months of pregnancy, the fetus's auditory organ cells are most sensitive to thermal radiation, so this is an important consideration. Damage to the auditory organs can be caused by sauna's thermal radiation.

Second, it's quite easy to produce fetal abnormalities
Fetal deformity can be caused by a woman who is overheated for an extended period of time and cannot remove the heat. This can increase the body's metabolic process. Due to the embryo's instability in the uterine wall, this occurs since the fetus hasn't formed yet in the early stages of pregnancy and the early stages of pregnancy, If the temperature in the body is above 38.9 °C, it might cause chromosome breakage in the embryo or problems in the fetal brain and nervous system.

3. Pregnant women have an easy time sliding to the bottom.
The sauna room's air is stagnant, making it difficult to get a good temperature. People will feel dizzy as a result of the high temperature. The sauna room may also be foggy at times. A pregnant woman's feet can easily slide on the moist and slick ground after a bath. You should avoid situations where you're more likely to slide, such as the sauna, because slipping can lead to an abortion or other serious health complications.

Change the blood pressure and heart rate of pregnant women
Temperatures in a sauna can reach up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Taking a sauna will cause blood vessels to expand due to the increased temperature. Pregnant women's blood volume and uterine temperature can be increased by 20 to 30 percent by using a sauna.. An increase in blood pressure occurs as a result of the heart rate increasing by 15 beats per minute due to excessive sweating. A pregnant mother and her unborn child should avoid the foregoing reactions. Pregnant women who have been threatened with an abortion may potentially trigger placental abruption. Pregnant women with pregnancy-induced hypertension are more likely to worsen blood pressure fluctuations, loss of blood supply to the brain, and cause syncope than other pregnant women.






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